Suggested titles (2013)

Here I catalogue the items I’ve suggested that TPL buy. (88 titles, 662 pieces.)

Title Copies Comments
Ænima 4 Tool
Age of Consent, The 5 Jimmy Somerville
Anatomy of Type 2 Inexplicably omitted
Another Earth 40
Arn, the Knight Templar: The Complete Series 16 Tricky one. The Arn the library already has is only one part of a full TV miniseries
Badge of Pride 6
Banksy: You Are an Acceptable Level of Threat 4
Beautiful Thing 11
Beefcake 11
Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride 8 Director was a dick about it, but it magically appeared months later
Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss 13
Black Christmas 14 …and then I saw it on TV
Black Dynamite 7
Borderland 4
Burnt Money 11
Carnal Knowledge 16
Capturing Love: The Art of Lesbian & Gay Wedding Photography 4
Chuck & Buck 18
The City & the City 9 Audio CD
Code Unknown 7
Control 15
Cut the World 5 Antony and the Johnsons
Design Forward 2
Design Research Unit: 1942–72 2
Designing Web Accessibility for a Beautiful Web 6 Possibly at least two other instructional DVDs for Web developers coming
DV8 Physical Theatre: Three Ballets 2 You don’t know dance till you’ve watched DV8
Edge, The 15
El Bulli: Cooking in Progress 5
First Ladies of Disco: 32 Stars Discuss the Era and Their Singing Careers 4
France orange mécanique, la 2
Gay Press, Gay Power 2 May have come in via ARP
Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design 17
Goin’ Down the Road/Down the Road Again 9
Harvey Milk Interviews, The: In His Own Words 7 May have come in via ARP
Heaven or Las Vegas 4 Cocteau Twins
Heavy Metal Parking Lot 9 Yes
He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices 2
Hit So Hard 5
I Lego NY 10 By the delightful Christoph Niemann
Illusionist, The 40
Immunity 4
Jeffrey 13
Journal, Vols. 1–4 3 Fabrice Neaud. Yes, three copies of four volumes. One book contains two volumes. That means – yes again – Yorkville gets one copy each and that is it
Last Call at Maud’s 6
Men on Strike 4
Metal Evolution 6 Turning a no into a yes for this TV series
Life at Home in the 21st Century 2 Honourable Mention Fuck-You: Despite New Yorker coverage, this took two submissions. Result? 1 TRL, 1 Jones
Life of Reilly 10 Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. CHARLES NELSON REILLY
Lullabies to Violane, Vol. 1 4 Cocteau Twins
Lullabies to Violane, Vol. 2 4 Cocteau Twins
Managing Oneself 5 TPL included a nice note with this one pointing me to other books by Drucker
Metal Evolution 6
MP3: The Meaning of a Format 2
My Struggle 5 Joe Special™: One measly copy Suddenly it got 55 holds and they upped the copies to 5 (many more copies later)
Paragraph 175 5 Deemed impossible to order commercially, then magically showed up months later
Paul Rand: Conversations with Students 2
Permanent emergency: Inside the TSA and the Fight for the Future of American Security 2
Pet Shop Boys: A Life in Pop 6
Playlist: The Very Best of the The 6
Please 8 I’m not sure I requested this one, but still
Positive Pictures: A Gay History 2
Pour une critique du design graphique : 18 essais 2
Presentation Zen 5 Related Peachpit Web-design videos stubbornly not ordered
Private Romeo 11 Weak, as it turned out, but so are and do a lot of things
Private: Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, and the Biggest Exposure of Official Secrets in American History 4
The Qatsi Trilogy 11 Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, Naqoyqatsi, Koyaanis-Scratchy
Quadrophenia 8 Come on: A library isn’t a library without Quadrophenia
Read My Lips 4 Jimmy Somerville
Silent Shout 5 Strangely, we had the subsequent album by the Knife
Shotgun Stories 12 Submitted now nearly two years ago, I quite forget what the deal is
Shut Up and Play the Hits 7
Soul Mining 4
Stars & Topsoil 5
Stop Making Sense 5
Tales of the City: 20th Anniversary Edition 15
That Man: Peter Berlin 4
Tiny Furniture 40 Yes, you can blame me for this one
Tom Bianchi: Fire Island Pines, Polaroids 1975–1983 2
Type Navigator: The Independent Foundries Handbook 1
Unicode Explained 5 Finally. This one took multiple submissions to overcome the nonsensical objection that the book, from 2006, was outdated
Unicode Standard, Version 6.2 [TK; possibly 1]
Undertow 4 Tool
Urbania 9 Another classic gay movie
Very Best of Bronski Beat and the Communards, The 5 Jimmy Somerville
We Are Anonymous 13
Women in Graphic Design, 1890–2012 1

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