What not to write about

  • Getting followed off the Bookmobile and verbally threatened
  • Separately getting threatened for calling Spokesgay and Spokesgaysian thus
  • Meanwhile, Spokesgaysian gets away with ghostwriting promotional copy for Balzac’s
  • TPL communications staff, whose reputations are dirt after the ad fiasco and similar lies, whipping the union with a damp noodle over “inaccuracies” in the latter’s campaign – months after the fact and with no smoking gun
  • Collections Development maintaining secret, made-up, ad hoc criteria for buying TV series on DVD such that Friday Night Lights is rejected when I suggest it, then magically acquired later
  • Unhappiest man in the system still unhappy. And I am not referring to myself
  • The careerist who is, to everyone’s continued shock and alarm, now the Board chair wants to have coffee with me instead of, say, hiring me. (Did you even have a library card before the Fords conspired to put you on the Board, Mike?)
  • Unwanted, reputation-befouling ad program nets zero dollars, is backed up by a complete sham masquerading as a Review Panel
  • Processing Dept. permanently defaces magazines and books with RFID stickers
  • Finally, after 13 years, being forever alienated from Jones due to paranoiac branch head and a revolving door of new staff who treat me like a problem

Why can’t TPL just grow some balls and either hire me to unfuck its myriad deficiencies or issue an exclusion order once and for all?

This project is suspended altogether until I can get myself appointed to the TPL Board. (2014.12.01: Application submitted.)