Thursday links

  • At long last, you don’t have to type the full legal name of your city and its library system into your browser. (Assuming you know what a browser is.) The obvious short URL TPL.CA now works some of the time. (Assuming you know what an URL is.) To get it to work all the time, some rather complex .htaccess fiddling will be required behind the scenes. (Assuming you know what .htaccess is.)
  • Catherine Raine is still one branch short of donning the rose tiara for the 99-Branch Club. CBC interviewed her.

I’ve been putting off some longer posts. I put a lot of things off.

I had a nice chat with the branch head at Gladstone. Nice until I revealed my identity. I think I’ll just give up on doing that, how does that sound? I have all sorts of evidence that the higher up I go on the TPL org chart, the more freaked out people are. As an institution, these people don’t want the attention and insist they don’t need any help. I’ll be the judge of that.