Are these computers Moriyama-compliant?

TPL’s off-the-shelf Windows boxen look like shit on a custom-built, Moriyama-designed Corian workspace. Dozens of these atrocities will be installed, all because nobody at the Toronto Public Library has enough taste to notice they clash.

Off-the-shelf black Windows computer plunked atop custom-built Corian table

By the way, people are sure to endlessly trip on the raised Corian bases of these units, especially the young FOB/ESL/English-student demographic that heavily uses the Reference Library. The slipshod, half-assed, homemade, haphazard, second-rate solution? You heard it here first: Warning signs banged out in Arial and taped up on walls, an off-the-shelf industrial carpet laid down on the Corian, and yellow tape adhered along the edge to make it more “visible.”