March 2014: Suspended

After some dude employed by the library followed me off the Bookmobile at Metro Hall and threatened me for taking a picture of that Bookmobile, and after I called him a cunt on Twitter, and after I complained about my being harassed to Jane Pyper and others, and after the library then had the gall to threaten me again (this time including “prosecution”), the entire TPLFans project is suspended until I can get myself appointed to the Toronto Public Library Board.

In the meantime, you can all stop pretending to be scandalized.

Original About page

Fans of the Toronto Public Library (TPLFans) came into being in March 2009. I began by writing about the many things I love about the Toronto Public Library. In 2012, this blog adopted a new strapline: “Scabrous, uncompromising defence of the Toronto Public Library.” And boy, do I mean it.

The library is under relentless attack from the right-wing philistines who dominate City Council and the library’s own board. There’s a groundswell of public opposition to these philistines’ planned decimation of the library. Leading intellectuals, like Margaret Atwood and many other authors, have opposed such decimation. What’s missing is somebody wielding ACT UP–like tactics, with bullhorns and combat boots, to stop the gutting of Toronto’s most cherished city service.

Me in hat standing in front of red wall I’m Joe Clark, a writer and curmudgeon here in Toronto. I’m the one willing to go out on a limb and defend the library, often in scathing and flatly offensive terms. I don’t see anybody else with the guts to do it.

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