What I can’t get an answer to

Here are some questions I can’t get an answer to.

  • What happened to Paris Is Burning and Winter Kept Us Warm, two titles I’ve put a lot of effort into

  • The question of the unwritten and laughable “criteria” for buying TV shows on DVD: Why does the library buy Star Trek in various instantiations, but not Space: 1999? The X-Files but not Twin Peaks? Marginal U.S. cable dramas (Mildred Pierce, Boss) but not Thirtysomething or Family? Battlestar Galactica but not its sequel, Caprica? (cf. Doctor Who/Torchwood)

  • How the library actually got copies of Paragraph 175 and Beyond Gay

  • Is TPL willing to cough up megabucks for the educational version of a documentary or just sit tight and wait for the retail version? (I think I know the answer: For NFB titles, maybe yes. Otherwise the library bides its time till the price drops, as happens with academic books from e.g. Routledge)

  • Why we can’t strike a Beguiling-like deal with Swipe Books

  • Replacing worn-out items with perennial demand, like Star Wars films

  • How to order a book series (in this case, Penguin Lines)

  • Why the library, despite telling me it never does so, buys single copies of anything (third languages excepted)

  • Should TPL buy the original Norwegian editions of Karl Ove Knausgård’s My Struggle and A Man in Love? (Answer: Yes. Also, there’s a blue-form saga behind the former)

  • When Criterion comes out with an allegedly superior pressing of an old movie like La cage aux folles, do we stick with the pressing we already have?

And, most pressingly of all, why management puts the screws to frontline employees who try to help me. (Four known cases so far.)