Apparently not being written about here

  1. Getting the abomination passing itself off as a DVD of Lost Highway replaced with something better than a PAL VHS tape

  2. Gay MLS researcher’s gay study into TPL’s service to the “LGBT” community, which he doesn’t want my help on despite decades of actual knowledge. (Response to this survey, whose two-line alphanumeric mixed-case URL you must type exactly from a printout, has been “phenomenal,” he tells me. “I don’t believe you,” I replied)

  3. Tagging TRL and the suicidal decision to implement self-checkout (in a branch that installed a flatscreen in front of its only stela and refuses to move it)

  4. I Lego NY

  5. Endemic nonresponsiveness

I dunno. Maybe when I feel like it.

At some level aren’t we all just running out the clock on TPL’s endlessly incompetent Board? Or maybe a few more of them will just resign and help us all out. Apart from Mr. Magoo, Kimberley Korinek resigned in December 2012. Did you even know that? (Via.) I guess Kevin McGuire is the new one and I’m sure he’d do as well on my quiz as Foderick would.