Yelp twits

Did you know that twits on Yelp are now “reviewing” TPL branches? I didn’t. And in all fairness, the overwhelming theme is appreciation and outright love. Except:

  • Jones is too Chinese.

  • Gladstone is too loud. (It is!) So is High Park. (Is it?)

  • College/Shaw, while over-chilled in summer, is friendlier than Beaches and Palmerston. I thought I was the only one who visited such far-flung branches. I actually think CS is packed to the walls (self-checkout significantly worsened space management there) and is fundamentally unpleasant.

  • To my surprise, there weren’t any complaints about fistfighting or switchblade-wielding homeless at City Hall.

  • Queen/Saulter is a tad underwhelming inside. (Because they barely have two pennies to rub together and everything of remote interest goes out on hold or gets snatched up before it even hits the desk.)

  • Lillian H. Smith is “dirty.” (It is.)

  • Barbara Frum: “Yiddish collections can be found here… which are not really common in other libraries I[’ve] been to.”

  • The reason for being of Swansea is effectively questioned by the Millennials who use Yelp, which is enough to confirm the reason for being of Swansea.

What else got reviewed? Urban Affairs. Seated in a folding chair at a union meeting somewhere, Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler shudders and chokes back a tear.