Metal artists the library really doesn’t collect

From reading the truly extensive and only sometimes grisly oral history Louder Than Hell, I know the library does not stock dozens of obscure metal artistes – nor should it really. But something else I know is how many significant such artistes it doesn’t carry:

  • Anthrax

  • Bad Brains

  • Corrosion of Conformity

  • Front Line Assembly

  • Ministry

  • White Zombie

It shocks me that the library does not have every Tool album, and what few it has are scanty in number and beaten to shit. Then there are 1980s alternative artists like Laibach, Cabaret Voltaire, and Anne Clark (no relation), now very hard to purchase in any way, shape, or form, let alone shrink-wrapped in quantity.

I have previously pointed out to the library (and discussed here) that the year-end Exclaim best-of rankings are basically shopping lists for various genres.

Next, we architect about dance music.


Trying to pull a Soundscapes with Queen Video

Back in the day I tried to get Howard Levman, the owner of Queen Video, interested in becoming a kind of Soundscapes for indie-video selections at TPL. For a few years now, the library has run the Make Some Noise/Take Some Noise project, which involves in-library concerts (the former half of the title) and curated local CDs (the latter). Soundscapes did the curating, and I can attest that they knew what they were doing. My suggestion was that Queen Video do something similar with videos.

No answer. This is a tad disappointing, as fully a third of the video suggestions I eventually turn into blue forms come from having held a video case in my hand at the Bloor St. store. It’s a gold mine.

Perhaps we could try this with Suspect Video.

Batshit conspiracy documentaries at TPL

The library should, can, and does stock krazy konspiracy documentaries. What have we got already?

  • Several 9/11 features, including the central conspiracy documentary Loose Change; 9/11 in Plane Site; 9/11: Blueprint for Truth/The Architecture of Destruction.

    (11′09″01 is down to one circulating copy and the Naudets’ 9/11 down to two, which I think is an issue)

  • The End of America by Naomi Wolf

  • The truly baffling Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum (the latter positing that world monetary policy amounts to slavery; a friend of mine on the Inside who is black agreed with that proposition)

I say again: The library should stock krazy konspiracy documentaries. You the library user must – must! – have access to the widest feasible range of facts and opinions. In case you disagree with my statement here, ask yourself whether or not Fahrenheit 9/11 constitutes a conspiracy documentary or if it is somehow different because somebody rich and famous directed it and you’ve heard of it before and possibly even seen it, perhaps on mainstream TV channels. The equalizing power of the library puts famous documentarians on an equal footing with obscure ones whether or not their films are true, factually correct, plausible, respectable, or not.

I don’t have a clue how to find new or recent documentaries of this genre as they come out, nor would I expend the limited capital of blue suggestion forms on them. But here’s a fun one I thought of that isn’t in the collection: Kurt & Courtney.

Oh, no, Mo

Maureen O’Reilly writes a thin, tendentious piece for an allegedly-peer-reviewed journal.

The few attempts the Ford administration has made to formulate public policy here in Toronto have been imitative of Chicago, where the Ford brothers… have a second, and very lucrative, division of their Toronto-based Deco Labels and Tags company. The only economic development trip that the mayor has taken was to Chicago. Chicago has 79 libraries, so Toronto should too. This seems to be the simplistic rationale for targeting the highly successful TPL for cuts.

Dude. You can’t be serious.

This mindset turnaround was aided by the appearance of a report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, “The Great Equalizer: A Case for Reinvesting in TPL.” [L]ibrary workers will continue the campaign for the 2013–2014 budget cycle with this theme. We intend to launch a whole new phase this September.

That gives you two months to start answering my mail, Mo.