Buy this shirt and send pennies flying in the vague direction of the Toronto Public Library

Here we have a fashion spread, to the extent that photos of a guy in different T-shirts constitutes one, in the penultimate issue of homosexualist fortnightly Fab, available at most if not all library branches.

Fashion photos, one of them with a black guy in a TPL T-shirt

Yes, this “tee” really exists if you want to traipse down to the Drake General Store to buy one, presumably after picking through the detritus of Parkdale branch’s DVD collection. (Or you could shop online. Or visit the Store’s other two branches, one of which is up the road from Yorkville branch and TRL.) Or you could just hand the TPL Foundation some cash instead of deluding yourself that pennies’ royalties on a T-shirt make any difference.

Now, the Foundation is of course a separate organization, but it exists as a kind of bank of last resort, a genteel and non-usurious payday-loan service, for an intentionally underfunded Toronto Public Library. They run a Book Lovers’ Ball every year and host occasional receptions that are the unspoken reason why the Cube entrance at the Reference Library was constructed. (Note the mezzanine level to nowhere, and the aluminum panels that prevent the unwashed masses shivering outside from upskirting the nice ladies who linger upstairs waiting to be noticed.)

None of this even pretends to replace the library’s true need – actually sufficient taxpayer funding. Whenever you visit the library, think to yourself “Your tax dollars at work.”

So can we get out of the T-shirt business and the Heather Reisman online-affiliate business and the dinging-people-for-holds business and get back into the public fucking library business, please?