Jane. Browsing

Picture my surprise to see City Librarian Jane Pyper and her retinue saunter regally through the Reference Library Browsery today. If my assumptions are correct, they even took a look at the washrooms, which, now that the TTC has upgraded those in the subway, are the worst operated by the City of Toronto.

I saw one of them barely taking notes here and there. Another of my assumptions is that Pyper could not manage to actually see, observe, note, and object to the typical shabbiness, disorganization, and neglect of the Browsery.

  1. People paw through DVDs on trucks and on one wooden shelf
  2. Picked-over magazine stand, half of whose racks are open
  3. Best Bets piled on top of each other on wooden stand

Now that the obstructionist former head of the Browsery (“Can we wrap this up soon? I’ve got a meeting at 10:30”) has a new job, maybe the acting head of the Browsery could actually fix the problem. That would involve admitting it exists.

We’ve been through this before. Silence means approval.