Twenty questions for Mike Foderick

Somebody tell him these have been published. And where. Point values as shown.

  1. Off the top of your head, what are the full names of the branches abbveviated thus? PE; BE; GE; LE. (4)

  2. Because of the implications (more like demands) of automated sorters, the collection at which branch had to be tagged in a hurry and at considerable expense? (1)

  3. What exactly happens when you walk into a branch and set the alarm off? Customize your response for YO, BL, RD. (3)

    • (Those codes refer to…?) (1)

  4. Name three titles of the last ten items you borrowed via self-checkout. (3)

  5. Name three architects (not companies – people) responsible for library renovations carried out in the last five years. (3)

  6. Tell us what’s special about a Browsery, and which branches have one. (2)

  7. LA and SLA are abbreviations that expand to…? (2)

  8. Where’s the Tibetan collection located? (1)

  9. Name the third library in this set: High Park, Beaches, and what other? (3)

    • What ties them together? (1)

  10. Name any regular Bookmobile stop reasonably close to where you live. (1)

  11. Printing from microfilm readers costs how much per page? (1)

  12. What’s the threshold for accumulated fines above which the library invokes its caring and sensitive collection agency? (1)

  13. Name all the chairs of the TPL Board in place in each case where the union took strike action in living memory. (2)

  14. Where can I practise the piano at the library? (2)

  15. What’s a floater? (1)

  16. What’s the dusty-book report? (1)

  17. What’s an untrapped hold? (1)

  18. The teen area at CL was formerly called…? (1)

  19. What was the first storefront library branch? (1)

  20. And finally: Name one TPL branch where a homicide took place. (1)

Fun fact! I couldn’t score 100% either. But I’m not the just-re-elected, “fiercely independent” yet City Hall–skullduggery-implicated, accuracy-minded vice-chair of the Toronto Public Library Board.