This is what happened with the 2013 budget

I asked Linda Hazzan to explain what exactly City Council approved for the library’s 2013 budget. She then sent that along to Larry Hughsam, TPL’s de facto budget chief, who replied (emphasis added, copy-edited):

  • For the 2013 operating budget, the Board’s request was for an increase of $0.930 million or 0.6%.

  • Council approved a 2013 budget of $165.360 million net ($180.794 million gross), which represents an increase of $0.581 million or 0.4%.

  • Council did not approve $0.349 million or 0.2% of requested funding, which was comprised of:

    • $250,000 to expand open hours at district branches and Toronto Reference Library;

    • $99,000 for the economic increase for collections; the original request was $0.299 million, [of which] only $0.200 million was funded.