’012: North York: Problem solved

I’m sure this has happened to you! You’ve got an unusual request at the front desk of North York Central – and a supervisor appears from nowhere who knows exactly who you are despite never having met before. She gets all pissy and lectures you on how you of all people should know the rules. You probably handle it the way I do – staying calm and rational but filling in a “feedback” form afterward. (Because it’s happened to you before at North York.)

Well, whaddya know: Leaving the branch, I did a pit stop in what used to be the Hub across the hall – now a superb Moriyama-compliant environment. Within seconds I looked up to find two middle-aged ladies asking me if I was who I actually am. It turned out to be the branch head and the head of the first floor. I explained the problem and we had it resolved in five minutes flat.

Then we got to talking about the former Hub and how well-designed it is. Did you know the carpets and matching furniture are actually off-the-shelf items? They work so well together you’d think they were custom, but no. I was also given a tour of the little nooks and crannies there, including the room with the SmartBoard® you can plug your appalling Wintel laptops into and – wait for it – the upcoming gaming room. Yes, North York Central will have a Wii, an Xbox, and a PlayStation and will host videogame events.

We left our meeting as superclose personal friends. This is how you resolve a “problem.” Of course it may not scale to dozens or hundreds of complaints a month, but it worked out great here.