Jones 50: Missing the party

The one Saturday, the one Saturday this year I had to be two places at once was the Saturday of the Jones branch 50th anniversary.

I did manage to swing by, but long after dignitaries, former branch heads, a former branch head’s dad, and of course TPL managers had all arrived to celebrate and gladhand. I further missed the presentation of the plaque, co-signed by the mayor, that reads, presumably without irony, “Libraries are wonderful institutions that reinforce the educational mission of our schools and communities.” (Something else deemed “wonderful” was “[t]his milestone anniversary’s… opportunity to reflect on the many achievements [continues for some time].”)

Anyway. I’m part of one-fifth of Jones’s history and I got in before everybody ate all the cake.

Tiny piece of cake left over on party tray

They were happy to see me. I can always rely on that.

I’ll keep posting pictures for a while.