Brentwood reopening

Continuing the design language of TPL renovations, the new and improved Brentwood branch – in a high-income section of the Kingsway – includes signature features like superb carpet choices (thanks to Sheila), fireplaces, Corian countertops (a bit blah here), and freestanding seating alongside windows. And RFID coming out the ass and really shitty signage banged out in Arial (or electronically-scrunched Gill Sans with neutral apostrophe).

“Living room” with chairs in a U-shaped formation around a stone fireplace

Of course it’s lovely. Kids had long since located every single chair that spins on its axis and were busy making themselves seasick spinning on said axes. When I visited there at about 7:00 on official opening day, of course TPL managers and the architects had long since buggered off. They have terribly busy lives and could not reasonably have stuck around to meet the little people who streamed in after work. Honestly, why couldn’t library patrons have booked off work to make the official 4:00 start time?

And just for the record, Diamond & Schmitt’s rendering of the finished building is deceptive to the point of dishonesty about its environs – it’s crammed into a tiny dead-end street cheek by jowl with low-end mom-’n’-pop retail.



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