Unique sequence of events

  1. I submit blue suggestion form for obscure gay-sports documentary, Straight Acting (sic)

  2. Library actually buys it (and not a niggardly one or two copies)

  3. I have the only hold on the title, since barely anybody knows of its existence

  4. I get Yorkville’s copy. Later, I walk into Yorkville, we check it in by plunking it down on the pad, and (with permission) I merchandise it face-out it on the high-interest-DVD shelf

    ‘Straight Acting’ is one of six DVDs on a two-tiered display case

I promise you this has never happened before in the history of the Toronto Public Library.


Disposition of Blu-Ray discs

Since the library doesn’t lend Blu-Rays, yet some films are available solely as DVD/Blu-Ray combo packs,

  1. doesn’t that leave a small pile of orphan Blu-Ray discs?

  2. couldn’t they just be shipped to Calgary, which does lend Blu-Rays? (They’d have to print out their own jackets and so on to be inserted in cases, but TPL does that for its own items, so I don’t see that as a barrier.)

I asked Susan Caron about this and, not atypically, got no response.