Shitshow handling of fire at TRL

(UPDATED) I was at Reference this morning for the whole shitshow that was TRL security’s handling of a fire. The fire was caused by careless workmen. I smelled smoke, but thought it was due to welding. Nope.

The only Caucasian security guard there dicked around telling these high-school dropouts unequipped with fire extinguishers to “put it out!” Then, flip phone pressed to ear, I saw him wander around and fiddle with control panels.

I called the goddamned fire department. To my surprise, they claimed that apparatus was already on the way. Then, minutes later and amid extensive smoke, somebody figured out that the building had to be evacuated.

Firetruck outside Reference Library

Badly handled all around. This time, not fatally.

And? I saw Spokesgay Ed Karek wandering by outside not seeming visibly concerned or engaged.

Of course I’m kicking myself for not walking right over, pulling back the (much-mentioned) “tarp,” and asking these Einsteins if they had a fire on their hands and calling 911 right then and there. I’m also tired of TPL’s, and really Toronto’s, endemic mediocrity and unwillingness to actually do something right, like call the fire department right away and get everyone the fuck away from the giant clouds of billowing smoke that I saw engulfing the entire west side of the ground floor.

So: Think my standards are too high? Of course you do. But you weren’t fucking there.


While making a cup of tea yesterday afternoon I realized I am so upset about this incident because this is the third fire I have lived through and they always happen the same way: Being aware of smoke in the air but not quite aware enough to do something about it, like GTFO. Yesterday I GedTFO.

I didn’t tell you that I later saw one of the construction workers directly involved in this nonsense standing inside the glass walls of the abomination known as the Cube wearing a shit-eating grin as he photographed the numerous firetrucks.