I am oversensitive and I take the weather personally, but even correcting for that bias TPL management has a devastating talent for poisoning the well.

In its latest impotent tantrum, TPL management tried to lean on my friends at Jones to induce me to stop submitting blue suggested-title forms. I witnessed great discomfort and embarrassment among staff there as they conveyed this news down the chain of command. They chalked it up to TPL’s feudal labour relations, as I call them, and thought it par for the course. But I have not forgotten that petites fonctionnaires at the district-manager level and above tried to throw their weight around. I think I am well overdue for a chat with the Pape District head.

Jones delivered this diktat from on high just as I was checking out a title I had suggested – Life on Mars, the well-reputed BBC series from five years ago. As such it doesn’t meet TPL’s claimed selection criteria for TV shows (brand new and really popular), but they bought it anyway. (Cynical explanation: Because it’s British – classy by default. Preferred explanation: Because it’s good.)

John Simm on ‘Life on Mars’ DVD with StingRay Life on Mars stars Mr. JOHN SIMM, one point on the Hart/Freeman/Simm Axis of highly sympathetic British character actors. I dearly love them all.

I knew the ending of Life on Mars before I even started watching it. I’d seen the final episode on TV before, plus I had looked it up. I support the ending, which, like that of Being Erica, respects the logic of the series. And the soundtrack is just smashing.

You can see that I had a host of reasons to invest my viewing of this series with a great deal of feeling. But actually the whole experience was tainted because Toronto Public Library managers went out of their way to shame me and my friends at Jones. I found out about all that just as I came to check out the series I myself had suggested.

I am oversensitive and I take the weather personally, but TPL management tainted what should have been a triumphant and rewarding experience.

And for what?