Gay Objectivist goes to library gay ‘speed dating’ (also: gay)

The Star covered the soi-disant LGBTQ (or was it GLBTQ?) Literary Speed Dating event that took place at Gladstone on July 4 – Independence Day in the United States, the country Ayn Rand defended to the death.

People seated across from one another at tables in activity room

Not quite nose against glass, but close

By incredible coïncidence it became necessary that evening for me to drop by for a spell in the contemplation tank. Anyway, the Star gives (again) soi-disant[s]creenwriter Jason Holborn, 36” enough rope. He

brought a stack of books and DVDs just in case he got bored talking about one. (Besides, that way he could tailor his chatter if Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead struck a disagreeable political chord.)

“I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t go to clubs – it’s honestly so hard to meet people,” Holborn said. “This is the Nº 1 coolest event I’ve seen. It’s an awesome idea.”

So I sent this guy a message asking, in not quite these words, “Are you an Objectivist and did you really bring Ayn Rand to an artfag dating event?” (I actually used the phrase “a roomful of artistique gays,” but “artfag” really isn’t pejorative. Ask one yourself.) Holborn’s rationally-self-interested response?

I don’t think I’m on Objectivist per se; I did bring Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead to the event. But also Hustle & Flow and some French young-adult books.

Basically, an Objectivist will get as far in gay Toronto as a Log Cabin Republican would in Chelsea. And to think I was worried about those Muslims at the table across the hall.

Superfun teetotaler party idea!

The library – God bless ’em! – has ordered the disastrously reviewed Atlas Shrugged feature film. (“Part 1.”)

Let’s have a fun teetotaler video party at Jason’s house! Who’s in? I’ll bring exactly enough snacks to satisfy myself and I’m sure everyone else can easily do the same. We can debate the video’s ideologically incorrect packaging and cruise through Etsy looking for homemade dollar-sign jewelry.