Mr. Magoo has left the building

That cherubic member of the highly functional and harmonious previous Board, Adam Chaleff-Freudenthaler, called it:

The secretary to the dysfunctional and fractious current Board, Nancy Marshall, confirmed last night (2012.05.22 20:25) that “Mr. Dulmage resigned from the TPL Board on May 2, 2012.”

Next step: Go full-on TTC and replace everyone but the Chair. Don’t think it can’t happen. (It already did.)


980 minutes

Here we have Berlin Alexanderplatz.

Seven-DVD set with booklet
  • Seven DVDs

  • Booklet

  • Runtime of 980 minutes (16⅓ hours), which everyone but native German speakers must attentively watch because it is subtitled

You have one week to plow through all of this – but three weeks to borrow a pedometer you’ll glance at a few times a day. (Nine if you renew it twice.)

Oh, but it’s all about not making terribly sensitive people wait for holds. Your point being? I borrowed this thing right off the shelf at Yorkville. I didn’t have to “wait,” but there’s no way I can finish it in a week. Nor could anyone.

The longer the library insists on its failed policy that multi-disc DVD sets must of course have the same loan period as compact discs, children’s books, and pedometers, the more intransigent it seems. Language-learning DVDs already circulate for three weeks, so this is hardly unprecedented.

TPL management isn’t going to fix this problem without an actual order. Comin’ right up.