Funny, I don’t remember contract negotiations with the previous board – the one not overrun by lobbyists and Mr. Magoo – ending in a strike. Didn’t the union even allow a few concessions back then?

Maureen O’Reilly in viewfinder of news camera

With basically nowhere to breeze through en route to somewhere else (my modus operandi visiting the library), I now have time on my hands. I will fill that time by treating this strike as irreverently as possible. Because nobody else will.

Something else nobody is doing is covering all the issues. And incidentally, union president Maureen O’Reilly wouldn’t answer my question about mandatory Sunday work. (Of course I asked.)

I am almost neutral about unions, but I support the library staff. I sure as hell don’t support the library board, whom City Council could shitcan.

This will be going on for a good two weeks, I guesstimate. In the meantime, follow the Twitters and Flickr photos.