What I’m working on

  • Fixing the TRL Browsery.

  • The union and its contract. I don’t really have a horse in that hunt, and I’m waiting for replies to a couple of questions. I do find it odd that I am the only journalist who has bothered to report the sticking points of the contract – mandatory work on Sundays, reducing seniority to those with 15 years’ service, and a couple of picayune bits of nonsense about pages’ hours and sick and float days. Those last are obviously gimmes and the city will cave on them if pushed. The first two are the biggies, I am told.

  • Advertising. (Involves the word Vagisil®.)

  • Yorkville.

I haven’t moved everything over to Twitter by any means, but just by chance in the last couple of weeks most of the topics of interest have been quick enough to be covered adequately there.