Exclusive! RFID-system menus!

  • Staff Modes: Staff Circulation App F2, Write Tags F9, Read Tags F5, Activate Anti-Theft bit F3, Deactivate Anti-Theft bit F4, Process Offline Checkouts, Exit

    So! When the alarm blares even though you checked your book out at another branch, it’s because somebody at that branch failed to press a single key, F4. Such laziness or carelessness is quite common, as we know.

  • Patron Modes: Auto-Check-In Mode F6, Auto-Check-Out Mode F7

    Yes, you can theoretically check your own books in. Let’s not give them any ideas.

  • Setup: Staff Settings, Administrative Settings, Log Viewer, View Statistics ▶, Skin Designer, View Device Info

2 thoughts on “Exclusive! RFID-system menus!

  1. You are incorrect. The F4 command is to manually turn off the security tags when needed (example, you checked out items from a branch that does not have RFID but has that item tagged. When you enter a branch that does have RFID later on we can turn it off manually so you wont beep when you leave if the security is on). The software will automatically turn off the security tags when you checkout your items, so the “F4” command is not used in that situation. It is not because of laziness or any kind of carelessness.

  2. Ah yes, HerpDerp. And thanks for contributing!

    But as a seasoned reader of TPLFans, you will know that the actual issue is branches’ sending out holds to other branches with security bit turned on. This is exactly parallel to sending out books sensitized rather than de-. On many occasions (it really is up to the “many” level by now), I have walked into an RFID branch with an RFID book checked out at a non-RFID branch and voilà, off go the alarms and staff start acting like I’m a shoplifter.

    F4 would have prevented this, had the staffmember sending the book to my branch not been lazy or careless.

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