This Is Your Branch on Tags: Inopportune RFID placement (2)

Second of a series.

Circulation card for ‘Let There Be Neon’ peeking out of Etobicoke Public Library pocket. On obverse page, RFID sticker

TPL in a nutshell: Paper circulation cards that worked most of the time to RFID tags that fail half the time.


2 thoughts on “This Is Your Branch on Tags: Inopportune RFID placement (2)

  1. I realize that this may not be the correct place to leave this comment but I wanted to make it anyway.

    I wonder if you or other readers have noticed what I am pretty sure is a drastic increase over the last few months in the number of items that are showing up in the online catalogue as “MISSING”. Whether these are lost by patrons or misplaced in the library system I don’t know. Are customers becoming more delinquent about this? I am concerned that at the rate it’s going it will not be long before one-of-a-kind items are disappearing.

    I recently picked up a copy of Animal Factory off the “new” non-fiction shelf at Richview. I returned it today as it had holds and just had a look online at the catalogue and found that there already four copies missing out of eleven in the whole system. How can this be? I would swear that based on the crispness of the book that I was the first one to sign out the copy at Richview. This title can’t have been in the system for more than a few months. Where are they going? Is there some sort of loophole where tags are being read incorrectly or something similar relating to an internal problem or are people just stealing them?

    I’m just wondering if something is up here. 4 of 11 missing on a brand new book seems alarming.

    And I’ll also mention that there is work undergoing in the sign out area at Richview to install the dreaded RFID. The separate counters for check outs are gone and sign in and sign out are being done at the same counter now (the one on the west side). The staff I spoke to maintained a great deal of professionalism but it wasn’t hard to sense that they had concerns about RFID.

  2. Instead of laughing and feeling all superior, offer corrections.

    Got a photo of the old Yorkville desk, by any chance?

    Also, as of this moment comments from obviously fake E-mail addresses get deleted. Yours too, DJ.

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