Behind the desk at Yorkville

As I previously explained, there’s really nowhere to sit, and if you do sit, there’s nowhere to put your legs. Or a single returned book. This, you see, is the TPL RFID ideology at work.

Man perches on stool behind desk, with nowhere to fit his legs under below-desk computer

Note the crappy MDF desk from a kit, which replaced a unique marble desk, now destroyed and in a landfill site somewhere.

Still think RFID is better?

Oh: And where is the return slot?

Exactly where I told you it is: Aaall the way through the front door, entirely past the main desk, past a door, and past the holds.

Single return slot at far end of wall

This is the only place to return any item inside Yorkville branch – even if you actually have to ask a question about it first (e.g., “I’m returning this, but can you put me back on the list for it?”) or if your hands are full. Or, as is likely, you just don’t know where TPL RFID ideologues hid the slot.

Still think RFID is better?