Catching up on photos

Over “on the Flickr” you may enjoy a dozen or so photos I’ve taken over the last several weeks. Yes, Yorkville’s marble desk has been destroyed. Its new desk looks just like the desk in the de facto Islamic branch, and the shelf on the front edge isn’t wide enough to rest a magazine on. Disaster.

Oh, and? Herewith I launch Redbeltwatch. This B-list martial-arts drama (by A-list scribe/tough guy David Mamet) epitomizes everything that’s wrong with TPL’s program of feature-film collection. You have to move copies of Redbelt to sit down in typical branches; Dufferin/St. Clair has three.

Three copies of ‘Redbelt’ on DVD

One thought on “Catching up on photos

  1. This was a better movie than I expected it to be, but your point – that no branch needs three copies of it – is taken.

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