Number 100 won’t be Western Waterfront

TPL’s 100th branch will, it seems, be Scarborough Civic Centre after all. They’re holding an open house tomorrow (2010.02.17). (Let me guess: We’ll have to wait four years for it to open, but this will be the only open house?)

The hundredth branch will be a very big deal. I have told this to everyone whose ear I can possibly bend, except the guy with the Roman nose who is biding his time till he finds a better job. Chief librarian Jane Pyper was perplexed when I told her this will be so big a deal it calls for concerts by the Toronto Symphony and Aerosmith.

Why can’t we have both?


I couldn’t make it. I’ll go to the next one, though, unless it’s also hideously inconvenient. Don’t wait too long for that. And there have to be more meetings, plus online outreach, or the whole thing could turn into Transit City.