OH HAI. We’re back.

Shall we start with a quick quote from Jaron Lanier?

I have a feeling there’ll be a new life for the library to provide the thinking space for civilization. For instance, my book, you might not know this, but I at one point had the most overdue book contract in New York publishing… it’s over 20 years or something. And the reason is I have such a crazy, busy life and I have so many things going on.

I was actually in London not that long ago, and a friend of mine, who’s a writer, said “The only way you’re going to write a book is in a library” and sat me down in the wonderful, big library, the British Library…. I sat down in that place and actually had the quietude to actually sit down and write a book. So this book wouldn’t exist without a library. […]

[W]e have no lack of access to material and yet I didn’t have access to my own head until I went to the library.

To me, there’s clearly something missing in the formula that we’re developing for civilization. There’s something missing, and I think that the library will naturally come to fill that gap. And making the library into some sort of alternate Facebook access point is exactly the wrong way to achieve that.



This thing might come back from the dead.