Irresponsible rumour-mongering (1)

What’s this I hear that, as kind of a two-for-one deal, when TPL converts your branch to RFID they divide your collection by ten and display everything face-front?

That’s what happened at Cliffcrest, isn’t it? (Though not at Gladstone and St. James Town.)

Could your branch be next? Shall we call this process Cliffcresting?

Which part did I get wrong?


One thought on “Irresponsible rumour-mongering (1)

  1. Cliffcrest didn’t lose any collection they just gained space. There was some weeding but it was nothing out of the ordinary, they were just overdue. There’s no point in keeping books that haven’t circulated in two years just to make it look like there’s a lot on the shelf. They also gained a lot of new material, more so than many branches get in a year.

    The merchandising movement (lots of displays) has been going on for a while now. The reason? It has shown results. To those who love books and reading it seems like blasphemy but this is how you get the people who come in twice a week to check out a pile of DVDs to notice TPL has cookbooks.

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