Little red schoolhouse to reopen

Well, they tossed on a new coat of paint – and, yes, laid down some new carpet – at Annette (AN). It’s been open for a few days, but they’re throwing some kind of party tomorrow.

Red brick building with white trim

You can watch their kooky fun YouTube video, which may suggest TPL is finally loosening up a bit. This would seem to call for an actual TPL channel on YouTube, though. (And Vimeo for the snobs.)


I schlepped across town for the opening. (Pictures.)

I suppose it’s all right, but fancy this place ain’t. Nor is it entirely accessible. (Though a guy in a chair came in just as I was going downstairs and said hi. He looked up at the gathered crowds and said “Ugh, so busy.” I guess he didn’t try the rickety elevator.) Also, I somehow doubt the outside ramps are 1-in-12 slope. I know this was just a paint-’n’-carpet job, not a full reno. And apparently “the community” wants to raise 20 grand to restore the inside front staircase to its original state. If it’s even necessary in the first place, TPL ought to pay for it.

Jane Pyper noticed then ignored me. The tall PR dude chatted me up. Roman Nose was there, looking good in a blue velour jacket, and cunningly evaded me. I had a plastic shot glass of Five Alive on what was almost the shittiest day of the year for me, talked to a district rep, walked around the Junction in a state of protein crash, travelled home, watched kayakers on TV, and took a 3½-hour nap.

Did you know the building is brown, not red?

And that’s your Annette Branch report.