Hipsters get their library back

(NOW WITH PICTURES)    I know we’re not supposed to use the word “hipster” anymore. It’s sort of offensive, like “coloured.” Except “hipster” still actually means something. A lot of hipsters live in the west end, to which they have a near-religious devotion, and now they’re getting their library back.

Yes, Bloor-Gladstone (BL) finally reopens next Thursday the 23rd at noon. It’s exactly what hipsters want: An old Toronto building with a space-age addition. (Because the official narrative of born-again Toronto-boosters is that Toronto does these old/new conjunctions really well.)

True to form, the only way TPL can figure out how to publicize the event is a PDF. Get these people off Windows and off the Web, I sometimes think. Anyway, it’s also “on the Facebook.”

Old, symmetrical one-storey building alongside clear glass prism

This historic gem is now bigger and modernized:

  • A completely renovated historic facility with a modern addition
  • A 9,000-square-foot addition providing a striking street presence
  • Longer hours: Now opening at 9 a.m. Monday to Friday
  • Complete barrier-free accessibility, express check-in and check-out
  • A new Le@rning Centre, 44 computers throughout the branch, wifi
  • Almost 70,000 new books, CDs, magazines and DVDs
  • Reading lounges for adults and children and a vibrant teen zone
  • Bookable meeting room and four group study rooms
  • A new environmentally-friendly, partial green roof, expanded outdoor landscaping, an outdoor reading garden, 19 new trees

I added listings at Upcoming and LibraryThing.