TPL branch I’d never even heard of before, May 2009 edition

Woodside Square.

Barcode reads WS Woodside Square

It’s at McCowan and Finch, which I presume is up near Iqaluit or something.


4 thoughts on “TPL branch I’d never even heard of before, May 2009 edition

  1. Rich reach and diversity of TPL branches are indeed valuable for regular readers. Since you presume that Woodside is “up near Iqaluit,” you mght next profile two downtown treasures nearer the urban core: TRL and Spadina Road.
    Concerning TRL you had better hurry, before the Toronto Reference Library, one of the major reference libraries in Canada, and the nerve centre of Toronto’s nearly 100 branch libraries is excoriated under the risky, recently announced $34 million discretionary “revitalization.”

    Spadina Road will doubtless give you a handle on Iqaluit and other locations of First Peoples, the design subject of SP upon its relatively recent establishment. Your contribution might well keep SP off TPL’s hit list for branch “closure-renovation!”
    Even in its structural infancy, the world-class architectural pedigree of TRL did not spare it from the renovators’ red pencil.

  2. Steve, relax. They aren’t burning down the Library of Alexandria.

    Some of my best friends use Spadina Road branch.

  3. Thx Joe! Why don’t some of your best friends bring you personally to SP?

    You could further broaden your library horizons by joining me on Tuesday June 9 at “The Destruction of Libraries: The Library of Alexandria,” a 2 PM lecture at TRL by Steven B. Shubert on this famous library and knowledge centre which was itself “disappeared.”

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