Disgrace? Hardly

Last week, one G. LaMarsh wrote the following letter to Now:

Now that it seems those big-box bullies have been vanquished, residents of Leslieville/South Riverdale may finally direct their energies elsewhere – perhaps to the question of what new services and businesses we could welcome into the neighbourhood.

How about a student massage or shiatsu clinic? Or perhaps a new library building to replace the disgrace at Dundas and Jones?

Hold the phone, sister. Jones is a tidy rectangular prism with a rusticated exterior, not a “disgrace.” So I wrote a letter of my own, dutifully unpublished later published:

I don’t know what’s gotten into G. LaMarsh, whose letter last week called the Jones library a “disgrace.” It’s actually one of the many unremarked Modernist buildings scattered across the city, featuring stone exterior walls, a brand-new floor, and skylights. You can walk there from pretty much anywhere in Leslieville, the bus stops kitty-corner, and you can park your bike (or car) right on the premises.

And if none of that works for LaMarsh, note that the east end is replete with library branches; Queen-Saulter and Riverdale are within walking distance, while Pape and Gerrard-Ashdale are easy transit rides away.

You want to see a dump of a library branch? Try Northern District at Yonge & Eg. By comparison Leslieville’s doing pretty well.

And incidentally, a library that serves everyone is obviously a higher priority than a twee massage clinic for pampered housewives. If that’s the alternative, if that’s the choice we face, if that is the battle to be joined – well, we’re winning, aren’t we?


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  1. Ah, I like the little Jones library! It has tonnes of character and the skylight is great.

    I like your blog, by the way. :)

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