Power-user tip: Search for publishers

Are you a fan of a certain publisher’s work? Do you think they have pretty good taste and you’d like to read more of their authors?

Well, you can use TPL’s hideous new catalogue (more on its hideousness later) to search for books from a specific publisher, assuming its name is reasonably distinctive (e.g., something other than Smith).

Hit the library catalogue, sign in for good measure (in case you find something on which you want to place a hold), then go to Advanced Search. Enter the name of the publisher in the Words or phrase field. (Don’t worry about spaces between words; you don’t have to "surround a phrase with neutral quote marks" like you do on Google and many other places.)

Advanced-search screen with Laurence King filled into the Words or phrase field and >2005 in Year of publication

I’m looking for recent books, so I added >2005 to the Year of publication field. You don’t have to include that.

And that’s it. Most of the time, it works. I’ve found about ten books I didn’t know existed just by using this method.


One thought on “Power-user tip: Search for publishers

  1. For music fans, this also works as a means to look for stuff by record labels. Do a phrase search for their name, limit the format to CD’s, and some interesting stuff can come up. (I did a search like that for “Stern’s Africa” the other day and came across some stuff I’d’ve never otherwise found, including a Mahmoud Ahmed disc now on its way to me.)

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