Admit it: You love the library

Or at least you like it.

And this is the blog for you.

Me in hat standing in front of red wall Hi, everybody! I’m your host, Joe Clark, a writer and curmudgeon here in Toronto. (Leslieville, actually.) I’ve decided to do something chipper and constructive and uplifting for a while – you know, like pulling baskets of newborn kitties out of a burning building or coyote-proofing people’s back yards.

On this blog, I’ll be writing about the many things I love about the Toronto Public Library. And the things I merely like. And a few things I can’t stand. But mostly the good parts. (You can write for the blog, too – just drop me a line at joeclark at fawny dot org and we’ll talk about it.)

I’m calling this a pop-up blog because it resembles a pop-up store – something that emerges out of nowhere almost fully formed, rules like a despot for a little while, then disappears. I really doubt I’ll keep this blog going past summertime – say, June 2009. But that’s just a guess. The important thing is you shouldn’t expect this blog to be around forever. It’s TPLFans, not the New York Times.

There will be new postings at least once a week, probably more often. I’ll be tagging all the relevant photos on my Flickr account with TPLFans, a tag that you can use, too (as on Delicious, Twitter, etc.). There’s already a Facebook group for fans of the Toronto Public Library, and I’m not going to duplicate that.

I’m allowing comments, but they’re moderated for anything that resembles a personal attack, including one levelled at me.

When it comes to the TPL, with 99 branches (that’s ninety-nine branches, people), they’ve got to be doing something right. Let’s start a list!


3 thoughts on “Admit it: You love the library

  1. This is a fantastic idea!
    Even for smaller libraries, tell them how to use the library!
    Way to go sir!
    And sorry about the exclamation points.

  2. Good on you, Joe. I love the library, too and use it a lot. I’ve got some quibbles, but in all, it’s pretty darned good. I will let you know when I have great or good or poor or terrible help at the library…

    By the way, why are they calling us ‘customers’? I’m not a custormer at the hospital, who provides specialty services… why do libraries all of a sudden want to devalue their service to the level of ‘supplier’. Will they start calling librarians ‘book associates’ or ‘knowlege associates’ or ‘people we no longer value very much associates’?


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